First Bad Bloggers of 2012!

I feel like ALL I post about lately is the BOOKS that I have ACQUIRED! Hopefully that’ll change this year as I’m going to try to acquire less and read from my own shelves. I know I have some real treasures buried in there. But alas, I have gotten a lot of books over the holidays and it’s time for yet another of these posts! There are actually 32 books I’ve acquired since my last post, so I’m not going to post the pictures :p It would take up way too much space…so I’ll just list the books I got and the reasons I got them.

1. The Call by Yannick Murphy – Ms. Beth Fish reviewed this one awhile back and really liked it. She also did an EXCELLENT job of making it sound irresistible. So onto the old wish list it went and I finally got a copy from Paperback Swap! Point to Beth! (Paperback Swap)

2. Kraken by China Mieville – Oh Renay…you get a point for this one!!! Maree and Jodi read this together and then Renay started reading it and had an OMG attack….so I went out that night and bought this book. I’ve started it and it’s really good and bizarre but a book you read slowly…so still working on it. Point to Renay! (Bought it)

3. They Draw and Cook ed. by Nate Padavick – This is a cookbook that I saw at Barnes and Noble and had to have. It’s recipes that are all illustrated by different artists and it’s a SUPER cool book! (Bought it)

4. Unlikely Friendships: 47 remarkable stories from the animal kingdom by Jennifer Holland – OMG this book is so freaking adorable!! Another one that I had to have. It’s stories of pairs of animals that became the best of friends. True stories that are accompanied by adorable pictures. (Bought it)

5. Lost on Planet China: One Man’s Attempt To Understand the World’s Most Mystifying Nation by J. Maarten Troost – This was a christmas gift from Rich and OMG it sounds AMAZING!! When I was filing it away on the shelves I found that I had ANOTHER book by Troost that Rich gave me last year called The Sex Lives of Cannibals. These both sound incredibly awesome. (Gift from a friend)

6. Noisy Outlaws, etc. by McSweeney’s – This was a gift from the WHOLE Steven’s family :D It’s an incredible collection of really awesome stories by really awesome authors from a really awesome family :) (Gift From a friend)

7. Word Of Mouth: Poems Featured on NPR’s All Things Considered by Catherine Bowman – This book is SO COOL!!! I didn’t even know it existed, but Debi was sweet enough to find the absolute perfect book for me :) (Gift from a friend)

8. Goats: Small Scale Herding for Pleasure and Profit by Sue Weaver – !!! Does anyone know me better than Debi? Seriously. She gave me this book too and I just about died when I got it. This book will be put to good use once I get my own home as I plan on living in a more rural area with a nice lot size. I told Matt about this book and he said he’s excited for me to have goats XD He thinks it’s adorable. Oh I can’t wait!!! (Gift from a friend)

9. The Naturally Clean Home by Karyn Siegel-Maier – Yet ANOTHER gift from Debi who knows my tastes just perfectly :) (Gift from a friend)

10. Slice of Organic Life by Sheherazade Goldsmith – And yes…another book from my Debs :) There are plenty of these “organic homestead” books out there, but I have to say that none that I have seen so far are as AWESOME as this one is!!! I dug into it right away and I think every page is better than the next! This book is a true treasure! (Gift from a friend)

11. Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman – I was out book shopping one night and wanted an LGBT book (like I don’t have enough) and did a google search for books and found a list of 100 lgbt books. I’m not kidding when I tell you this was the ONLY one that Barnes and Noble had…pathetic. But I picked it up anyway and I’m reading it now! It’s really a fantastic book that I can’t wait to tell you more about soon. (Bought it)

12. If You Knew Then What I Know Now by Ryan Van Meter – This is a book of essays by a gay man about growing up gay. Looks fantastic! (Bought it)

13. Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown – Ok…so I did SantaThing on LibraryThing this year and could NOT have asked for a better secret santa. I mentioned that I was interested in LGBT books and I got a lesbian as my santa!!!! Hooray lesbian santas!!! She sent me four books and this was the first. The next three are all from her too. I’m excited about this one particularly because we have a gay bar here in New Orleans named after this book. (Gift)

14. Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan – I’ve wanted this one for years now and thanks to my santa, I now have it :) (Gift)

15. The God Box by Alex Sanchez – Also from the santa! Also excited! (Gift)

16. The Realm of Possibility by David Levithan – Yay!!!! I wanted this one ever since Debi got it :D It looks really freaking good! Point to Debi! (Gift)

17. Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5 Billion Year History of the Human Body by Neil Shubin – I forgot where I heard about this book but it looks so freaking good! I actually almost bought this, but luckily did NOT as my sister gave it to me for Christmas :) (Gift from Sis)

18. The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous and Broke by Suze Orman – Can you guess who gave me this one for Christmas? Yep…Mom :p Should be useful!! (Gift from Mom)

19. The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness by Elyn R. Saks – My mom got me this memoir too for Christmas and it sounds excellent! Anyone read this one before? (Gift from Mom)

20. The Penguin Anthology of 20th Century American Poetry edited by Rita Dove – My sweet, amazing boyfriend gave me this for Christmas :) Apparently he heard me talk about how much I was dying to have this absolutely GORGEOUS collection and surprised me with it :) (Gift from Matt)

21. Dear Bully by Megan Kelly Hall – My amazing friend Heather gave me this one :D I don’t know if she even knew, but I’ve been DYING for this book! (Gift from friend)

22. Shivers, Wishes and Wolves Vol. 1 by Donald Lemke – Heather gave me this one too! I’ve never even heard of it but it looks awesome! Graphic Novel adaptations of fairy tales! (Gift from friend)

23. Around the House and In the Garden by Dominique Browning – Just saw this one on Paperback Swap and thought it sounded really good! Can’t wait to read it! (Paperback Swap)

24. Exiles in America by Christopher Bram – Another one that I saw on Paperback Swap and really was intrigued by (Paperback Swap)

25. Dream Boy by Jim Grimsley – Yet another that I saw on PBS and wanted :p (Paperback Swap)

26. Daughter of the Blood by Anne Bishop – This one is ALL Memory’s fault! I’ve heard a lot about this series for a long time, but mostly from Memory I think. So I finally bought myself a copy over the holidays :) (Bought it)

27. How to (un)cage a Girl by Francesca Lia Block – Couldn’t pass this one up! Found it used at Hastings and hadn’t even heard of it before. It’s a book of poetry by Block, an author that I adore! (Bought it)

28. Eve by Iris Johansen – I wanted something to read while I was visiting Matt so I picked this up in the grocery store. Of course, I got no reading done at all during my trip :p  (Bought it)

29. Alphabet of Thorn by Patricia A. McKillip – I STILL haven’t read anything except for a couple of short stories by McKillip, but the Kinuko Craft covers always draw me to her books. Hope I enjoy the story too! (Bought it)

30. Codename: Sailor V Volume 1 by Naoko Takeuchi – Point to Renay for this one! She loves Sailor Moon and I feel like I should probably read it :p (Bought it)

31. While England Sleeps by David Leavitt – On PBS..sounded good. (Paperback Swap)

32. Hushed by Kelley York – Saw this one on The Book Depository and it sounded fantastic. It’s a murder mystery with some lgbt themes. Hope it’s as good as it sounds! (Bought it)

So have you read any of these? Any that you loved? Any you hated?

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  1. 1

    The Call is sooooooo good, quite possibly my favorite read of 2011. Can’t wait til you read it! :D

  2. 2

    Goats!!! I will be soooo jealous when you have goats. It doesn’t get much cuter than baby goats so pics will be an absolute requirement. Also…huge fan of Sailor Moon ;) Have fun with all your goodies Chris <3

  3. 3

    I so almost bought you They Draw and Cook a few days ago! It just looked like something you’d love. But I didn’t because this little voice was telling me that I’d better check your Library Thing to make sure you hadn’t already bought it for yourself. (Thank you little voice. :P )

    So many of those sound sooooo awesome!!! I especially want to get my hands on Dear Bully. And The Center Cannot Hold. And Around the House and In the Garden. And… Oh, you get the idea, you rascally enabler, you!!!

  4. 4

    You will SERIOUSLY love the Troost books. I read The Sex Lives of Cannibals first and adored it. Lost on Planet China is SUPER HIGH on this year’s want list.

  5. 5

    Yay! What an awesome haul of books, Chris! Debi also sent me the McSweeney’s book, so I am very excited about it. :)

  6. 6

    Dang Gina that’s a lot of books!! I have Boy Meets Boy on the shelf–need to get to it!

  7. 7

    Oh you definitely should read Rubyfruit Jungle. It gets a little crazy in the end…but in a good way. And the Sailor V and Sailor Moon manga are wonderful.

  8. 8

    woah, so many nice ones you got. I have Dream Boy and need to read that one ASAP. It looks great. I have read Call Me By Your Name and I really loved it, so I hope you do too.

    I reallyyy want Hushed!! It’s on my need to get list!!! lol

  9. 9

    I got Daughter of the Blood some time ago. Pretty sure it was Memory’s fault then as well! ;)

  10. chrisa511 #

    Megan, Oh good!!! I’m glad to hear another vote for it :D It always makes me excited when others are excited about books too!!

    Kelly, I PROMISE you pictures of baby goats :D :D :D Lots and lots and lots of pictures!! And somehow I knew you’d love Sailor Moon :p What other anime/manga do you like? I LOVE me some CLAMP (X, Tokyo Babalon, Chobits), Evangelion, Tenchi, and so so many more!!

    Debi, that is so funny that you almost got me that!! That book just called my name when I saw it :p It’s super cool! Did you get to flip through it? And don’t all these books sound so good?? I don’t know which to start first!

    Andi, Oh YAY :D I’m glad to hear another enthusiastic vote for those books. They really do sound incredible!!

    Kelly, Part of me says lets do a buddy read, but you know I don’t have a good track record with buddy reads, lol. Oh! Speaking of, we need to work out War and Peace!

    Trish, As I was telling Kelly, part of me now wants to suggest a buddy read of Boy Meets Boy too :p I just totally fail at buddy reads and always feel guilty.

    Jessica, Awesome! I love messed up endings :p That one is really high on my priority list!

    Mag, I know right?? I’m so excited about all of these books! Especially the lgbt ones…can’t wait to read them! And yeah, Call Me By Your Name is really awesome.

    Darren, Of course it’s her fault :p Have you read it yet? I’ve heard nothing but great stuff about that trilogy.

  11. 11

    RUBYFRUIT JUNGLE was interesting. I’m dying to read BOY MEETS BOY, along with a lot of others on this list. :)

    I hope you enjoy HUSHED! ♥

  12. 12

    Boy Meets Boy is fantastic! So is the Realm of Possibiity. But, I totally have a fangirl crush on Levithan and almost wet myself when I met him.

    BTW I am telling Di that you are eventually getting goats (which I’ve desperately wanted for the past FOREVER) and that Matt is all like: that’s cute. She often roles her eyes at me.

  13. 13

    Oh, I knew you wanted Dear Bully. Didn’t you know I’m psychic? LOL It’s on your Amazon Wish List SILLY! :D

    You got some great loot there buddy. Can’t wait to hear what you think of them!

  14. chrisa511 #

    Kelley, Thanks so much for stopping by!! I’m so excited to read your book :) It sounds like something that I’ll absolutely love. Glad to hear that Rubyfruit Jungle was an interesting read! Expect a review of your book whenever I get to it!

    Christina, I can’t wait to read both of those!! I love Levithan too…he writes great stories. And maybe I need to talk to Di about y’all getting some goats :p

    Heather, Ahhhh! LOL….So you’re not psychic? Sad times, lol.

  15. 15

    Don’t blame me, but i read and loved Your Inner Fish when it came out. Daughter of the Blood is also wonderful. I’ve read the original trilogy at least 3 times. It is a unique fantasy world that Bishop has created.

    sign me up for any War and Peace group read…i meant to read it last year and never got to it..:(

  16. chrisa511 #

    Melanie, Oh yay!!! So glad you loved that one AND the Daughter of the Blood trilogy! Can’t wait to read them both! And if me and Kelly ever get the W&P readalong worked out I’ll let you know!

  17. 17

    Yes, I can see you liking The Call.
    Where are the lobsters?!??! :)

  18. 18

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